photo-24All species of pawikan (sea turtle) are considered endangered, and a huge responsibility for conservation rests on our shoulders since our shores are a favorite nesting ground. The amazing thing about sea turtles is that females always go back to lay eggs in the same beach where they were born – they know exactly where it is 25years later!
pawikan-conservationThe Pawikan Conservation Center located in Morong, Bataan is run by locals who work purely as volunteers – and they actually used to be poachers. Realizing the need for conservation, they organized themselves into an association and they have been running the center for 12 years now.
pawikan4Every single night they patrol the shore, move eggs to the protected area and release the baby turtles. They’ve released over 52,000 hatchlings so far! With an estimate of only 1% of hatchlings making it into adulthood, they know that every single egg will make a difference.




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