P1040083Bagac, Bataan is said to be one of the country’s best-kept secrets. It’s an up-and-coming tourist destination, full of sleepy towns that offer surprisingly lovely beaches and mountain retreats. Hopefully it can preserve its quaint and natural beauty once jet setters start raiding the place and locals start putting up more commercial resorts. It’s about 4 hours by private vehicle to get to Brgy. Paysawan, where the B&B is at.
The Schmids, the nice couple who own the place, rent out a nice yellow house with lots of bed space (enough for 12 people), a toilet and shower. Outside is a dining area, lawn, bahay kubo called Casita Nikki and fully-equipped kitchen.
P1040010It costs P5,500 per night. Cita Schmid, an excellent cook, serves delicious breakfast (P100 per head), lunch (P100 per head) and dinner (P250 per head).
The house was set in the middle of a beach cove, lined with a few genteel properties. Behind the area is vast agricultural land where the B&B gets its rice and a great mountain. That’s why it’s sometimes called montemar, meaning mountain and sea.
It’s nice to take a swim in the late afternoons or take 10 minute walks on gray sand toward both ends of the cove. There are very few people there, save for residents or fishermen, affording some privacy.


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