bataan__1__by_eightBTPI, found in Morong, Bataan, is a 365 hectare land serving as a home of cultural heritage, economic development, and a wide variety of flora and fauna. The place has conserved the shrines, monuments, and the things that are built and made by the Indochinese refugees. It also has a museum treasuring a monkey house, captured pictures from the past, and the actual boat that was used by the refugees to transfer here in our country.
2799107665_7431eaf239Furthermore, the Techno Park offers lodgings, cottages, pools, conference and sports facilities, and the BTP Experiential, Adventure and Teambuilding (BEAT) Park. Just a taste of the place: it has a paintball arena, football and baseball fields, badminton and table tennis facilities, and many more. Just perfect for sports-fanatics! And for those who are nature-lovers, BTPI also has a Tagaytay-like scenery overlooking the mountains and offering a view of an extensive river. This is a place where everything is fresh.
BT4_by_eightThe said park is also a residence of religious activities. Pope John Paul II once visited PRPC (now known as BTPI) and conducted a field mass attended by the “Boat People” and several volunteers. This is now commemorated through the construction of the “Memorial Shrine of Pope John Paul II” which is open to all who want to feel the love and care that he showed to everyone.
BTPI is currently being developed for the advancement in modern biotechnology. This is expected to be a great contribution to the progress of Central Luzon.
Everything you could ask for is indeed found in BTPI; from shrines and monuments to newer technologies and discoveries. So, there’s no need to ride in a time machine just to renew the stories of yesterday and know the breakthroughs of tomorrow because Bataan Techno Park ,as they say, is our link to the past; our path to the future.



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