Libacao-Wild-River-AklanAklan is one of great place in the Philippines for adventure travel destination. One of the natural adventure travel attractions in Aklan Philippines where it attracts local and foreign tourist is the Libacao river. The Libacao river in Aklan is considered the longest river in the Philippines. This river in Aklan is known as the Libacao Wild river where it attracts people who loves wild river rafting. This clear and wild river of Libacao is also excellent for bamboo rafting, kayaking and other extreme water sports.
The Libacao Wild River in Aklan is the perfect place for tourists and visitors who loves extreme outdoor water adventure. The wild river of Libacao offers heart-pounding excitement experience that is combined with a magnificent natural scenery. But if you want a not too extreme water adventure but a leisurely pace kind of water adventure then you can try out the bamboo rafting.
The Libacao Wild River is one of Aklan’s inland tourism destination. There are lots of natural attractions that surrounds the Libacao wild river to see such as the green valleys, upland farms, high mountain ranges, virgin forests,tropical flora, fauna and wildlife, numerous waterfalls, natural springs and creeks. Aside from the wild river rafting, local and foreign tourists can do jungle and mountain trekking, rock climbing, and swimming and a chance to discover the natural beauty that this province has to offer.



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