Aklan has bjawili fallseen very blessed for having different tourist destinations. Aside from Boracay, there were places that can be visit by tourists which they can see the beauty of nature.
One of these place is Tangalan.
Tangalan is located at the western side of Aklan. Tangalan is composed of 15 barangays and each of these barangays encompases different beautiful places and products.
Also, there is this barangay which one of the most beautiful falls can be found and it is located at Barangay Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan. This falls that can be foundin this barangay named “Jawili Falls”.
Jawili Falls is really known for its Seven Basins ascending seven pools created by a series of waterfalls. Cleanliness of this falls is maintained by the Jawili people and supported by the municipality of Tangalan. Jawili as being blessed in having these beautiful falls is very proud. As days, and months passed by, this Jawili Falls is now being discovered not just only here in Aklan, but mostly in the whole Philippines.


Source: http://jawilifalls.blogspot.com/

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