Sagas, Negros Occidental
March 19

Sinigayan is a convivial celebration of the Sagaynon heritage by the gentle, joyful and hardworking people of Sagay. The word is derived from ‘sigay’, the name of a hardy, bright-shelled mollusk that abounds in the sandy shores of Sagay.
The super-abundance of sigay in the coastal waters of the place in the old days betrayed the presence of marine riches that attracted settlers form other parts of Negros and from Cebu. This abundance caused the settlements to prosoer into villages then barrios.
Thirty years or so ago, Sagay’s marine resource was reduced to scarcity by destructive and wasteful methods of fishing and over-harvesting. Saved from becoming totally depleted and sufficiently restored through the timely intervention of Sagay local government, the resources today provides small fishermen a sustainable source of livelihood.
In addition to being a way of preserving the City’s heritage, the Sinigayan is also an affirmation by the Sagaynons of the desire to remain united in their pursuit of a common vision and aspiration as a city. With its people unite, Sagay City will continue to be progressive, peaceful and a happy place for all Sagaynons to live in.


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