The Pintados de Pasi Festival celebrated every 3rd week of March is perhaps one of the best known and established festivals of the Province of Iloilo that have evolved through the years. It has played a big part in the lives of most Passinhons. Performers adorned in traditional body tattoo with elaborate geometrical designs in their body, including their arms, legs and torso dramatizes stories in which the town’s ancestral beings laid down every feature of the area, especially their way of life.

Many other special events are enjoyed during this week-long celebration. It includes Garden Show & Food Festivals; the Karosa Parada & Carabao Painting Contest; the Grand Coronation Night of the Search for Bb. Pintados; Sinadya sa Suba and the Pinta Lawas as well as the Carabao Painting contest are also highlights of the celebration.


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