ALBAY, BICOL—In celebration of Albay’s Catholic roots and traditions, the Magayon Festival features exhibits, trade fairs, cultural activities, travel and tourism exhibitions, sports competitions, and other special activities all throughout April.

The festival begins on the very first day of the month, and one can surely witness residents of the province of Albay break away from their daily activities to draw the attention of neighbors, friends, and visitors to the wonders of Bicol.
In fact, the Magayon Festival – which aims to showcase the best of Bicol – is inspired by the legend of the province’s most popular landmark, the Mayon Volcano. Magayon is actually the local dialect translation for “beautiful.”
After spending some time imbibing the sights and sounds of the festivities, appreciating Bicolano works of art, cheering for a favorite team, or sampling the famous regional cuisine, the best thing to do is to lounge at Peñaranda Park, where you can kick off your shoes while enjoying live entertainment over bottles of ice-cold San Miguel Beer. Both homegrown performers and artists based in Manila provide the tunes as contests showcasing the Bicolanos’ prowess in dancing, singing, and drinking are held in between sets.
The best thing about the Magayon Festival is that you are guaranteed an entire month of fun-filled celebrations and awesome festivities. By the end of April, you will simply look forward to coming back to beautiful Bicolandia!


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