The Kidapawan (Timpupo) Fruit Festival is a celebration of a good an bountiful harvest. It is is celebrated in Kidapawan City every month of August. Kidapawan City is located in the highlands of the Province of Cotabato.

Aptly, the city is called a “Spring in the Highlands” – from the words tida and pawan which mean spring and highland respectively.
The City of Kidapawan is also called the City of Fruits. Corollary to this, ohe of the highlights of the Timpupo Festival is the collection of various kinds of fruits lined on Quezon Boulevard which is free for hearty consumption by all people. Some of these exotic fruits are durian, mangosten, banana, rambutan, lanzones and more.
The first significant activity of the festival is the Fruit Float Parade. Different floats roam rove around the city decorated with different fruits of various sizes and colors. The festivals is also accompanied with different activities like dancing competitions, games, an agri trade fair, and cultural shows. Part of the celebrations are the Miss Fruity Gay Contest, Mount Apo Race and a wall climbing competition. Thousands of people join in the celebration of Timpupo Festival.

The Kidapawan Fruit Festval (Timpupo Festival) has now been given a new name – The Tiendapawan Fiesta – a more exciting and must see festival which incorporates additional activities that makes Kidapawan City an unforgettable travel destination. Kidapawan City has become a tourist spot in the Mindanao Region because of the Timpupo Festival celebrations.


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