Caracol is a Spanish term that means snail. The term was adopted for the Makati Festival in Makati City, Philippines since the snail is protected by its shell against the elements making it withstand the toughest whip of nature. It is Makati City’s version of Rio de Janeiro’s Mardi Gras.

The event kicked off in 1989 during the Fiesta Islands Program of the Tourism Department three years after its original conceptualization in 1986. Through the festival everyone, especially the young, will grow in awareness of nature and mother earth, instill respect for nature, and become partners in the protection and conservation of nature.

The festival is usually participated by the barangays, private establishments and the different offices in the city of Makati. It begins with a parade by the participants and the contestants wearing nature-inspired costumes based on a theme. The audience may join the parade and wear nature-inspired costumes, masks and body paints.


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