The Philippines has over 7,107 Islands and in simple words a local couldn’t explain how many festivals are held in the Philippines as there are hundreds of barangay, municipalities, towns and cities in 80 provinces and each barangay, municipality, town and city including provinces has their own festival either in honor of a Saint, a religious festival, seasonal change, harvest, or in honor of the place itself. The Filipinos are happy and joie de vivre type of people. They are satisfied with life and love to laugh and tend to love people with humor, which most festivals represent. Most of the festivals are vibrant and energetic and many are of Hispanic influence. Because of the uncountable number of festivals, the country is often dubbed as, “The Fiesta Islands”. Among all festivals Christmas is the biggest, widest and longest celebrated in the Philippines, which starts from September and lasts till January perhaps the longest Christmas celebration in the world.