manila-zoo-lionLocation: Quirino Ave., Adriatico St., Malate Manila Luzon Philippines (corner of Mabini St. and Harrison St.)
OPEN from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily
Telephone numbers: (632) 400-1884 (Manila Zoo) / (632) 522-6179 (Kinder Zoo)
First Opened: July 25, 1959 (oldest zoo in asia)

History: Manila Zoo philippines has 832 animals and 100 species as of year 2007. The zoo’s most popular resident is Mali, an Asian elephant who arrived at the zoo as an orphaned calf.It serves as one of the educational centers in the country where the viewing public can observe, discover and learn interesting facts about the beauty of Philippine fauna and flora. Manila Zoo has a land area of 5.5 hectares and has a current population of about 500 animals. There are 106 species, among which are 30 different kinds of mammals, 63 reptile species and 13 types of birds. In addition to popular zoo occupants such as elephant, tigers lions and the hippos, Manila Zoo also houses several endemic and indigenous species of animals like the bearcat, long-talied macaques and crocodiles. With a good mix of education and entertainment purposes, the Manila Zoo does its best to appeal to everyone. There is also a kinder zoo inside the manila zoo philippines. Anyone can roam around freely and interact with the animals inside the kinder zoo. Children can play with tamed animals at the same time, learn about them and their environment. The Kinder Zoo features different attractions and animal from all over the world like Butterfly Dome, Exotic Birds Aviary, Koi Pond,Philippine Mouse Deer House, Petting Zoo, Turtle Pond, Party Barn, Playground, Hanging Bridge, Flamingo Pond. Animals inside include Exotic Birds, Pot Belly Pigs, Miniature Animals, Kayman Crocodiles, Peacocks and Peahen Ducks, Chickens from around the world, Rabbits, Snakes, Ostriches, and Sulcata Tortoises.

Entrance FEE : Adult: 40 pesos; Kids (below 4 feet): 20 pesos (not a resident of manila philippines)
Adult: 20 pesos; Kids (below 4 feet): 10 pesos (resident of manila philippines)

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