GatewayLike the garden situated on its heart, the Gateway Mall is an oasis amidst Cubao’s chaotic environ. It is named as such since it is strategically installed at the junction of the MRT and LRT2, making it very accessible to any commuter. Gateway features shops of famous brands from Marks and Spencer to Lacoste, from Nike to Hush Puppies. An open garden-restaurant is set in its center, giving diners a breezy outdoor feel, and the surrounding restaurants complete the mood with their wide array of specialties. Gateway also has great movie houses, including the Platinum Cinema – a movie theater with Lazy Boys for seats. And as it continues to receive praise from patrons and newcomers alike, its name firmly reinstates Cubao as a perpetual business zone. Gateway could have placed even higher on our list but its short list affordable food and retail choices came in as a factor. Nonetheless it is one of the best malls in the country, and truly a Gateway for all.

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