coron-town21-600x400The food in Coron was not very cheap either, considering that it was a rustic, laid-back town. While you cannot find any fast food or American chains here such as Macdonald and Starbucks, Coron has a good mix of both local and European cuisines.
As this was our first trip to Philippines and we rarely ate Filipino food in Singapore, we were pleasantly surprised to find some of the Filipino food we tried in Coron so similar to Chinese cuisine. The one thing I really raved and craved about is the milk shakes in Coron which was sublime and so heavenly.
Filipino food has evolved over the years with Malay, Spanish, Chinese and American influences and had also adapted to the local palate using local ingredients.
Spicy-chicken-Adobo-600x400Sinugba Sa Balay Restaurant
As this was the number one restaurant rated in TripAdvisor, we went to this place first but were not impressed with the food. The décor was rustic and kept simple but it was still clean. We were the only customers as we arrived at 5.30 pm but still the food took a long time to be served.
The “menu” was written on a big chalkboard and you need to order your food in front in order to look at the “menu”.
Spicy Chicken Adobo (Braised chicken in garlic, vinegar, oil and soy sauce), P360. This dish really reminded us of a Chinese dish – Claypot Sesame Oil Chicken.



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