Taal-Volcano-TagaytayHe who enters these bright red doors is embraced by a sublime kind of wellness never experienced before. Whereas in the past one would have to traverse the Silk Road to China or other faraway places, here at the Qiwellness Living in Tagaytay, age-old practices of healing and well-being are now available closer to home.
As soon as the red doors of Qiwellness Living open, the chau gong announces your arrival in this healing sanctuary. A pair of two-meter-high Ming Dynasty chairs will steal your gaze right away, that is until your sight combs the expanse of the mesmerizing unobstructed view before you: the Taal Volcano resting majestically on the placid waters of Taal Lake. You stand at the promontory across the pond populated by majestic koi fish and you see the mouth of the volcano, agape, so close to you that you feel the vortex power of nature enveloping you.
The friendly staff of Qiwellness Living gives my best friend Bum Tenorio and me our refreshing iced drinks. By the veranda, we nurse our Asian-inspired cocktails and stand to witness a symphony of nature — below us is a forest of old trees, replete with a few monkeys that shyly run in the background; above us is open sky with rolling clouds; across us is a peaceful invitation courtesy of the lake and the volcano as they are surrounded by Mt. Makiling, Mt. Makulot and Mt. Malarayat.


Source: http://www.philstar.com/

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