sta_ana-7_C979F201E7C04A049E9367D86DD9273FCAGAYAN, Philippines – Aside from spots like Boracay and Palawan, there are many beautiful beaches in the Philippines waiting to be discovered. Santa Ana boasts its stunning and untouched white beaches, including CNN’s 2013 10th best beach in the world, the Palaui Island. Santa Ana was also the venue of the 2 episodes of Survivor USA. For travelers and tourists, wake up early to get to San Vicente Port where boats are available for island hopping.
sta_ana-4_504823FC45FD4576A23D4AB81082D9B6They require you to be early to avoid huge waves in the ocean, which often occur in the afternoon. You will be brought to Crocodile Island, Mapurao and Manidad Island, Mangrove area and of course, Palaui Island. These islands showcase scenic white shorelines and beautiful rock formations.Pack up and visit Santa Ana, Cagayan in the northeastern Luzon for a peaceful, beautiful vacation. Activities include island hopping, trekking, swimming, sun bathing, diving and snorkeling.
sta_ana-9_606B0E2D93604DE0BC4107169E6137B8Palaui Island is known for its untouched and quiet beaches which are best for swimming and snorkeling. Local tour guides are available to assist you in different activities. There are tents available for tourists who want an overnight stay. There is no electricity on the island but the management runs an electricity generator at about 8 pm to 12 midnight. The island is also the home of the famous century-old Cape Engaño Lighthouse, which was built during the Spanish era. At the same spot, you will witness the breathtaking view of the Dos Hermanas (Two Sisters) Island and the white shorelines lying after blue and emerald water.



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