img_0469_B1E766BE90D64BFF866E25A1CA0B675FDAVAO, Philippines — Only on its sophomore year, the Invasion Tour has already made a name for itself as one of the most exciting parties to hit Davao. But this year, Spectrum Philippines, in collaboration with FrolicFox, has really outdone itself with a bigger and better stage, spectacular lights show, and of course, a fantastic roster of musicians.
The party happened on a Friday night at Crocodile Park Open Field. img_0467_9D8640B877064BE1999278663E49C9ADThe venue featured a huge stage, with a giant Philippine eagle serving as the backdrop for the evening; a tribute to the Kadayawan
Festival and Davao’s own rich culture. In the early hours, people were littered about the vast space buying beers, painting faces, playing games, and winning prizes. But as the night rolled on, we watched groups of Davao’s youth piling in the open field, foam clappers in one hand, and a beer in another, ready to seize the night.



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