_DSC0401We’ve always made it a point to travel during the first three months of the year. Since these times are considered off-season for tourists, the beaches and islands are usually devoid of the big crowds. There are some cases when we do get a beach or even an island all to ourselves. The downside is that the amihan or northeast monsoon can sometimes wreak havoc with our best-laid travel plans. The northeast monsoon can make inter-island dangerous because of the strong waves that it generates. It was with trepidation therefore that we viewed our trip to Magalawa Island in Palauig, Zambales last February. It had rained hard in Manila two days before our trip and dark patches of clouds were still lingering in the skies when we left for our island getaway.
Magalawa-Island-Zambales-PhotoFortunately for our friends and us, the skies cleared by the time we were at the North Luzon Expressway and the rest of the trip to the jump-off point for Magalawa at Palauig was uneventful, except perhaps for the last stretch of rough road. The boat ride to Ruiz Resort would last for no more than five minutes, so close is Magalawa to the mainland at this point: our first pleasant surprise. With that short a distance, a strong amihan wave would make no difference.


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