capones-island-zambales-photo-by-paolo-posadas-12Capones Island is one of the main attractions in Pundaquit Zambales. The island is actually a big lump of rock formation with very little soil. Beaches around the island aren’t that homie for the usual tourist mainly because of the sand and rock mixture from the crashing waves of the open ocean.
img_1361One of the best things to do on the island, aside from just hanging around and not being able to enjoy the beach, is go up and take a tour of the lighthouse. The lighthouse is at the back of the island when you’re facing the open sea. The steep steps up to the lighthouse is no walk in the park. So be ready and carry only what you need. If you do need to carry a lot of stuff like camera gears, make sure you put them in a sturdy bag with a strong strap and ask your guide (boatman or sometimes another local) to carry them for you.
Boat rides from Pundaquit shores to Capones Island will be about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the weather and water conditions.



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