9315891_origVision Statement: A Province unified by sense of pride in their common identity, cultural heritage imbibed with the spirit of nationalism and strong commitment to the preservation of our legacy.
Objective: It aims to instill cultural consciousness and sense of pride and nationalism among Quezonians.
Collection: The museum showcased diggings from the Bondoc Peninsula of earthenware jars, households implements, antique pieces relics of the Spanish era like old santos and icons. Memorabilia of illustrious Quezonians on displays are those of the late Pres. Manuel L. Quezon, Hon. Filemon Rodriguez, Hon. Fabial Millar, Sen. Lorenzo A. Tañada, Cong. Manuel S. Enverga and Gov. Anacleto C. Alcala.


Source: http://quezonprovinciallibrary.weebly.com/

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