Ulong Tubig is a pool formed by natural spring water emanating from an adjacent hill. The pool leads to an irrigation pump which supplies a vast number of rice fields in Carmona. The area is shaded by coconut trees and other greenery. In the morning, the water appears to be very clear. However, in the afternoon, it changes to a green hue due to algae disturbed by the swimmers.
How to get there : From Manila, the BLTB buses would pass by the national road in Carmona coming from the South Super Highway. A road intersection could be found along the national road wherein a smaller road branches out leading to City land subdivision in Carmona which is adjacent to Barangay Ulong Tubig. Jeeps or tricycles are available at the said intersection and would be passing by the subdivision. A half kilometer long road from Cityland, Carmona leads to the attraction.


Source: http://cavite.info/


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