Vera-Falls-Malinao-Albay-9The Municipality of Malinao in the northern part of Albay is home to the spectacular Vera Water Falls, a highly recommended eco-tourism site in Albay. Found at the bottom of a ravine in Barangay Bulang, the main water fall drops approximately 25 meters into a clarion blue lagoon (approx. 2m deep).
More water flows through narrow caverns within the earth and escapes out of the surrounding rock formations and into the pool, creating an awesome ambiance and a sense of hidden paradise. A visit to Vera Falls is truly a feast for the soul.
Getting there. Vera Falls is located approximately 40km (25mi) from Legazpi City, on a 90-minute drive. Most of the driving is on well-paved highway, however, the last 5km are on unpaved, rough road. 4×4 is vehicle is recommended, although not necessary for skilled drivers. Some hiking will be required to get to the location.
Hiking. Approximately 1200m of hiking through thick vegetation is necessary to see Vera Falls. Going to the falls, most of the trail is downhill, which of course, needs to made-up on the return hike back up ravine, which can be challenging to some, but easy for experienced hikers. Some areas are steep, but quite manageable for most people.



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